In the short term, silicones make your hair look good. They add a plastic like coating to each hair strand giving it shine and the illusion of health. Over time build-up can develop. Your hair begins to look dull and moisture finds it difficult to penetrate the shaft. 

One of the big advantages to a haircare manufacturer is silicone is a cheap ingredient. It’s your hair that pays the price.


The big question with parabens is do they cause cancer? Nobody knows for sure.  

Again, they are cheap to use, but we believe it is better for you not to take the risk. Therefore, we have made our products paraben free.



Sulphates are great for producing lather. Many people subconsciously judge the quality of a shampoo by the amount of lather it creates. The truth is, in many ways, lather is mainly froth that makes people feel good about a shampoo.  

Over time, sulphates can cause drying, scalp irritation and colour loss. 

GEO OIL may create less lather than the hair products you are used to, but it works just as well as sulphate based products.